Writing a term paper is one of the things that tutors will require students to perfect in their academic life. The tasks do not only help students to enhance their writing skills, but they also determine the final score. Yet, it is possible that few tutors offer formal instructions on how to accomplish such tasks successfully. If that is your case, here are some of the elements that you must include in the paper:

5 Elements of a Strong Term Paper

  1. The Topic
  2. To write an award winning paper, you must carefully choose a topic. Many tutors will require a student to come up with a topic on their own and thus, they must put some thought into the whole process. Specially, it is critical to opt for a topic that is relevant to the assignment.

    Furthermore, choosing a topic that interests you is crucial; it will be easy for you to dedicate your time and energy on such a topic. You must also consider the analytical tools at your disposal, the recommended length of your paper and the resources available to conduct the research.

    In regards to the length of a paper, you should be narrowly focused rather than considering a broad topic; it will not only take long to complete, but it will also exceed the word limit. You may also be forced to give your paper a superficial treatment if you opt for a broad topic.

    Still, it is important to go to your school library and consider the resources available for your research before finding a topic. Consider your research skills necessary to do analysis as well.

  3. Abstract
  4. This section summarizes the main ideas of a paper. It is written after the research and must state the purpose of the study, the methods used, the findings and the conclusion. It is usually about one page in length.

  5. Title Page
  6. Typically, the page has the title of the paper, a student’s name, the course, instructor’s name and the due date. It is very important in the sense that it offers the readers an overview of the entire paper. A tutor may have specific requirements on margins, spacing and the necessary content and thus, it is critical to read through the instructions before completing this page.

  7. The Text
  8. A term paper should have three main components in the text namely an introduction, main body and the conclusion. An introduction should be exciting and interesting to attract the attention of the readers. It should indicate the main theme of the paper. As such, it should offer a concise statement of the question guiding you and the purpose of the study. Further, the reader must understand the significance of your study. The background of the research question and how you will organize the paper should also be offered.

    The main body should offer the reader the details of your research. It can be subdivided into sections or chapters if the paper is lengthy. A tutor may also have specific instructions to be followed. Regardless of the approach you take to write it, you must organize it in a logical manner. All the concepts must be linked and every point must be offered support from reliable sources.

    The conclusion part of the paper summarizes everything that you have written. You should also reach a judgment or endorse a specific point of view. Suggestions on policies that can be made may also be offered at the end of the paper.

  9. References
  10. There are different styles of referencing your work in a term paper. Most tutors will offer instructions on the right style to choose from. If not, you may want to use the American psychological association system since it is widely acceptable in academic circles. No matter the style you settle for, you must be consistent to get good marks.

    Having chosen the right topic, included the title page and an abstract, and after writing the text and citing the sources, you can be sure of getting the best grades in your term paper.

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