A List Of Interesting Medical Topics For A Research Paper

There are a lot of topics that can be discussed in a medical research paper. If you are not assigned a particular subject matter, then find something up-to-date to write about. Consider the following list of ideas for your paper.

  1. Medical ethics.
  2. As medicine is closely connected with people, it often encounters complicated questions concerning ethics. High rates of patients with incurable diseases give rise to disputes about euthanasia. You can touch upon this problem in your paper and research about the controversies. Another idea concerns the ethical side of disclosing information about HIV patients. One more question of ethics is about whether patients with alcoholism and cirrhosis deserve a liver transplantation.

  3. Communication in health care.
  4. Effective communication is necessary to understand the patient’s problem and prescribe the right treatment. Moreover, sometimes a kind word or a white lie can save people’s lives. By communicating with patients, nurses can heal them by cheering them up. There are cases when a doctor held the true diagnosis back so as to not depress a patient and to make him or her believe in a rapid recovery.

  5. Medicine and technology.
  6. It can be seen from history how medicine has been influenced by technological development. Here, you can trace the role of computers in medical practice. Consider computer-aided procedures and the phenomenon of telemedicine-- when a doctor can diagnose a patient remotely by means of telecommunication technology.

  7. Alternative medicine.
  8. Apart from conventional ways of treatment, there are alternative therapies. One of them is acupuncture. It has no scientific explanation, but it has proven to be extremely effective in treating different conditions. Other alternative ways of treating illnesses are homeopathy, herbalism, and osteopathy.

  9. Cancer treatment.
  10. Study the origins and essence of this disease, its causes, and types (blood, breast cancer). Conduct research into anticancer drugs and the prospects of finding a cure to this disease.

  11. Diet culture.
  12. Study the diet of modern people and how it influences their health. Bad nutrition can cause different diseases from obesity to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, sometimes even cancer.

  13. Designer babies.
  14. Modern gene engineering can eradicate some genetic defects before the child’s birth. However, some future parents exploit this procedure for their benefit by selecting the appearance and even the traits of character for their child.

Other topics that might interest you:

  • AIDS
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Causes of autism
  • Human cloning
  • Children’s vaccinations
  • Diabetes
  • Chickenpox
  • Medical jargon
  • Speech disorders
  • Causes of insomnia